I’m a software developer for The Omni Group in Seattle. I’m also privileged to help manage the internship program at Omni.

And then you just SOFTWARE!

When I’m not programming for a living, I often program for fun. It’s a sickness, really. Here’s some non-commercial software that I’ve written or collaborated on with former students.


I’m a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach to personal productivity. OmniFocus is the big gun in my GTD arsenal.

At Omni, we’re hard at work on OmniFocus 2 for Mac. Here are the scripts that I’ve updated for the new version so far. I’ll continue posting updates as I get to them, but am mostly focused on finishing the app itself. (If you’re still running OmniFocus 1, you can still download my legacy scripts for OmniFocus 1.)

Populate Template Placeholders [download version 0.8]

This script takes an OmniFocus project, replaces placeholder text with user entered strings, and adjusts all dates by some fixed interval to match a new start or due date that you enter. Installation and use instructions are included in the download.

Academic Software


RoseTime is a Dashboard widget for keeping track of class hours at Rose-Hulman.

CFG Experimenter

CFG Experimenter is a program that demonstrates the algorithms used by LL(1) and LR(1) parser generators.


PyLighter is a program that simply highlights the lines of Python source files as they are used by running code, in real time and at full speed.

On github

I have some other software available on github. That’s where my more technical projects end up, along with those not quite ready for prime time. Head over there to take a look.